Be Well at Work Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Be Well at Work Program?

It is a new program being offered to help employees improve their emotional health. ParTNers for Health Employee Assistance Program has contracted with Tufts Medical Center to provide the program. The program involves:

  • Taking a brief online survey to see if you qualify
  • If you qualify, answering additional questions and enrolling
  • Taking part in the program
  • Completing a final survey to evaluate the program
Who is eligible?

Be Well at Work is a program for state and higher education employed adults who have been members of the State Group Insurance Plan for at least one year. Be Well at Work is aimed at helping employees who are concerned about their emotional well-being including those who feel distressed or depressed.

Why is the ParTNers for Health Employee Assistance Program offering this program?

Your ParTNers EAP is committed to improving the emotional health of our members and their families. Wellness includes both physical health and emotional health. However, the emotional health side of wellness often does not get enough attention. While many of us accept the importance of having an annual physical, few will get an annual emotional health check-up.

Yet, problems such as stress and depression are common and without proper care can lead to further decline in health (physical and emotional) and quality of life. Stress and depression take a large toll on many employees leaving them feeling less interested and engaged in work and less able to perform effectively.

What are the benefits of Be Well at Work?

Be Well at Work is an evidence-based program, meaning it has been shown to be effective. The program is provided at no cost to the employee. Based on work Tufts has done previously they have learned that, compared to typical care, the Be Well at Work program resulted in people feeling better, having fewer work absences and being more effective. The program was developed specifically for working people like you.

The program is provided privately entirely by telephone at times that are convenient for you. When you enroll you will get a personal Advocate to work with you throughout the duration of the program. There are two versions of Be Well at Work designed to meet the needs of different employees. Depending on which version of the program you qualify for, you will meet with your Advocate over the phone either a total of eight times or two times.

Do I have to participate in this survey or in the program if I am selected?

No. Participation is voluntary. Your decision to participate as well as any information you provide during the program is confidential.

How much time does this take?

It takes about five minutes to complete the screening survey. The survey has questions about your physical health, including your emotional health, and questions about your ability to function at work and at home, all of which are important to your quality of life. If you qualify, you will be asked additional questions for one of two versions of the Be Well at Work Program.

One version of the Be Well at Work Program consists of eight telephonic meetings with an Advocate. The other version of the program involves only two sessions with an Advocate. Each session is approximately 50 minutes long. The Advocate and enrollee mutually decide on one or more homework assignments the enrollee would like to do before their next phone call.

Phone sessions are typically spaced 2 weeks apart. A homework assignment can be as simple as reading a suggested reading and can include short behavioral exercises. The Advocate does not disclose your participation to your employer, manager, or co-workers.

What will I learn?

At the end of the screening, you will immediately receive a report of your personal health profile and resources available to you. If you are eligible to participate in the program, Tufts will provide you additional information and ask you to answer additional questions.

Are there any incentives for taking this health survey?

Yes! Everyone who takes the brief screening is eligible to win a two-night cabin stay in the Tennessee State Park of your choice. If you qualify and decide to enroll in the Be Well at Work program, all of your Be Well at Work services are provided at no cost to you and the majority of former participants reported significant health improvements.

What are the benefits of taking the survey?

The survey may benefit you by helping you to assess your emotional health and to qualify for the Be Well at Work program.

Are there any risks involved?

The survey website is privacy-protected, and is operated by a team of health professionals from Tufts Medical Center. To protect your privacy, your name or other information that could be used to identify you will not be included in the database or on any forms. No one from your employer or any health insurance plan will be given access to information about you.

Can my spouse participate if he or she is on my insurance?

If your spouse is enrolled in the State Group Health Insurance Program and is employed part or full time, regardless of where he or she may be employed, he or she is eligible to take the Be Well at Work screening.

Will anyone know if I participate?

No one from your employer or health insurance plan will have any information about employees who may visit the Be Well at Work website or participate in the program. All information you provide at any time is completely confidential. Your primary care provider will receive a brief report introducing them to the program and summarizing your results as well as progress reports in order to better coordinate your care.

Is any information about my computer being recorded or kept?

The web server, which is located at Tufts, keeps a log of all computers that access the website. Any computer that accesses the server is identified by an 11-digit number (known as your IP address). An IP address log is kept by the Tufts Be Well at Work data manager only for purposes of identifying unauthorized attempts to enter the data system. The log is not available to anyone else. This IP address log is destroyed weekly, so there is no permanent record of your visit to the website.

What if I am already getting care?

If you are already getting care from a physician, nurse, therapist, or anyone else, you can still qualify for Be Well at Work. In fact, Be Well at Work helps to coordinate your care to give you the best chances of success.

Who is providing the services?

Be Well at Work is being administered by Tufts Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts and provided through the State Group Health Insurance Program.

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